Why Chicago Faucets?

Simply put: Chicago Faucets sets the bar for commercial faucets and fittings

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97% of our existing customers recommend Chicago Faucets

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28% of products ship in 1-3 days from receipt of order with CFNow!

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44% of distributors use our CFNow! quick ship program.

What makes commercial fittings a good fit?

If you need to install or replace a faucet in your commercial facility, you may be tempted to visit the local big box store and pick up whatever they have on hand. After all, typical retail faucets are not terribly expensive, they're easy to install, and they're widely available. A faucet is a faucet, right?

The fact is, all faucets are NOT created equal. Commercial-grade faucets, especially from Chicago Faucets, are built to withstand high-use, high-abuse applications. They're made from durable materials (think "more metal, less plastic"). They're designed to meet special codes and requirements for commercial settings. And they're meant to be repaired or upgraded, not thrown away and replaced.

Chicago Faucets are built to last not months or even years, but decades. When you install Chicago Faucets, you get a product specially designed to give you a lifetime of worry-free operation. Feel free to browse through our website, or visit a plumbing distributor near you to discover the Chicago Faucets difference.

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